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Mental Health and Safety


The Mental Health, Wellness & Safety (MHW&S) Program for Farmers in NL is to help Newfoundland and Labrador farmers, producers and those involved in the NL agriculture sector increase their awareness and understanding of mental health literacy and to provide direct access to agriculturally-informed mental health services and/or resources that align with the current needs and stressors of this population.


Stress & Burnout on the Farm Online Workshop

Friday, April 12: 10-11 AM

This FREE 1-hour webinar will cover:

  • Change the way you think about stress

  • Find unusual ways to deal with stress & anxiety

  • Learn strategies for coping with burnout

Stress & Burnout on the Farm Flyer (Facebook Post)2.png


Raise mental health awareness by coordinating introductory mental health training sessions for Farmers using local providers or other Regional Health Authorities. 

Support agriculturally-informed care and develop and maintain an inventory of in-province and national mental health and wellness safety programs and resources.

Deliver business management support and risk preparedness resources by connecting with local safety groups and consultants to evaluate working partnerships and collaborations.

Advocate for farmer-specific support services by creating and delivering farm safety and mental health and wellness events throughout the year and facilitating information sharing.

Our aim is to support the development of a Mental Health, Wellness & Safety Program for Newfoundland and Labrador Farmers and those involved in the agriculture sector, by first organizing and delivering information sessions to farmers on mental health awareness and well-being. This will also include directly providing resources tailored to address the unique needs, challenges and stressors faced by those working in or alongside the agricultural industry in our province. This programming will add value to the NL Federation of Agriculture in crucial areas of mental health, wellness and farm safety. 

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