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Ag Safety Week: March 10-16

Canadian Agricultural Safety Week (CASW) is a public awareness campaign focusing on the importance of farm safety, taking place March 10-16.

How do we observe Canadian Agricultural Safety Week?

The Newfoundland & Labrador Federation of Agriculture (NLFA) would like to promote some upcoming events, resources and workshops related to farmer safety in NL! Workshops are open to anyone working in and around the agriculture community—farmers, producers, workers, family members, comedy groups and support staff.

Young Agricultural Workers on March 13, 2024

Virtual Event. March 13 @ 1-2 PM

Join Nova Scotia’s Safety Advisors to look at the specific considerations in hiring youth to work in agriculture. They will cover general young worker safety and the safety information you should share when hiring youth. An introduction to the Health & Safety Division, employer/employee rights and responsibilities, safety officers and their powers and resources available will be part of the presentation.

“Agriculture ranks as the fourth most hazardous industry in Canada regarding rates of fatal injuries but is the most dangerous occupation “in terms of absolute numbers of fatalities”

“Risk is an accepted part of the culture in agriculture and that’s really hard to change”

“Adopting a culture of safety means being aware of the hazards that exist across all farm work”

Whenever something needs to be done, the thought process should be “What’s the safest way I should do this?”

 - Erin Kelly for the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association

Preventing Stress & Burnout on the Farm Workshop

Virtual. Details and date to be announced

1-hr online workshop with Kylie Stokes, NLFA’s Mental Health & Safety Coordinator to cover the topic of treating stress and preventing burnout during the busy season. This workshop will discuss treatment options for chronic stress and burnout, as well as introduce proactive strategies for preventing unhealthy levels of stress. Self-directed take home resources will be provided and information for ongoing support.

Do More Ag Community Fund Mental Health Workshop

April 2024, Deer Lake, NL


Do More Ag Community Fund Mental Health Workshop

April 2024, St. John's, NL


Take Farm Safety Courses Online

Take affordable, professional, ag health and safety courses developed by CASA, anywhere, anytime of day. Because farm safety is important 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Although 85 per cent of Canadian farmers believe that safety is a priority, only 9 per cent actually have a safety plan for their operation.


Start your farm safety plan today.

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