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NL Open Farm Day - Full Colour.png

Sunday, Sept. 17

NL Open Farm Day is an opportunity for farmers to share their passion and celebrate agriculture!

This annual initiative is to raise awareness of the industry, educate the public and connect to the people in your community.

It's all about opening our doors so people can see what really happens on a farm and where their food comes from.

Farmers: Register for
NL Open Farm Day 2023

Are you participating in-person or virtually?

To participate, farmers have two options:

- To host events at their farms. It’s up to each farm’s discretion to decide what their event will be, with NLFA providing support where applicable. In the past, events have included BBQs, petting farms, garden / greenhouse tours, games, hayrides and more!

- To participate virtually by submitting a video that will be shared leading up to September 17 (this option might be more appropriate for operations with carefully controlled environments).

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